The Key in the Hand by Chiharu Shiota (Venice Biennale 2015)

From two old boats bursts a complex web of slender red wool string from which 50,000 are suspended. Chiharu Shiota’s (塩田 千春) installation at the Japanese Pavilion of Venice Biennale 2015—The Key in the Hand—is a work of breathtaking, inviting beauty; you can’t help but reach out to touch a key.

A key in the hand can represent a chance in life? How many chances are you holding? How many chances have fallen away? What doors will your keys open?

The above photos were taken at the Central Pavilion of the the Giardini at the Venice Biennale 2015. Click on any of the photos to open them in slideshow view. Higher definition images (2048 x 1365) are available in my Flickr album: Artjouer: Venice Biennale 2015 Gallery

Let’s Watch

To find out more about this art installation you can view this interview with the artist.

More about the Artist

Chiharu Shiota Official Website:

Venice Biennale Official Website:

~by (longzijun)


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