Taipei Street Art

In January 2020, I visited Taipei for a few days and took photos of some of the street art there. Here is a video featuring those photos:

You can view the entire series of photos (134 images) at a higher resolution (2048 x 1365) at Flickr or Google Photos

There are graffiti and simple throw-ups all over Taipei, but many of the more interesting pieces are in Ximending, a popular shopping and entertainment district. The street art in Taipei seems to have been created in roughly equal measure by local artists like Candy Bird (Han Chun-yueh), guest artists from overseas like INSA and MADSTEEZ and expatriates living in Taipei like fleksone.

1. Mural at Tatung University

Mural by INSA and MADSTEEZ

There is a large street art mural at Tatung Unversity by British artist INSA and American artist MADSTEEZ. The mural combines MADSTEEZ’s four-eyed WEENT!LL!AN character (but with her hairstyle and make-up apparently influenced by Peking Opera) with INSA’s GIF-ITI technique. This technique involved re-painting the mural a few times with the stripes, coins and flashes being painted in different positions, photographing the whole process and then later creating a GIF image (which you can see here: from the photo. Some of the colors have faded a lot since it was created in 2014 for the POW! WOW! Taiwan street art festival. The face used to be purple and the eye-shadow was ruby red (I prefer the faded version).

2. Mural at the Corner of Zhanghua Road and Hankou Street

Taipei Street Art: Mural by Bounce

Not far from from the main site for street art in Ximending is a large Star Wars themed mural by BOUNCE that re-imagines Darth Vader and and imperial stormtroopers as bunnies.

The mural continues on the other side of the structure
Detail view of BOUNCE’s mural: an all-terrain walker firing spray-paint and emitting love

3. Street art in Ximending

One area in Ximending is filled with street art: the area around the intersection of Lane 96, Kunming street and Wuchang Street and the adjacent Taipei Cinema Park. A lot of the murals there were created under the supervision of CITYMARX (, a kind of street art promotion company.

Facing Taipei Cinema Park are two giant murals that take up entire walls: a Suicide Squad (plus transformers) mural, which was a collaborative effort that CITYMARX was involved with, and a portrait by Girenhao.

Suicide Squad mural: Taipei
Taipei Street Art: Suicide Squad mural at Taipei Cinema Park, Ximending
Detail view of the Suicide Squad mural
Mural by Girenhao

Nearby is this mural inspired by the 2019 Joker movie and painted in a series comic strip frames. This is a collective effort by a team that was led by VASTAR.

Mural inspired by the movie Joker
Detail view of the Joker mural

There are also several eye-catching portraits in this area.

An anime-inspired design
Detail view of a mural
Mural by candy_statuskuo and MANWITHPENCIL
Detail view of a mural by candy_statuskuo and MANWITHPENCIL
Street art in Ximending
Street art in Ximending (detail view)

There are also several wildstyle murals (Wildstyle refers to the street are based on intricate text designs). I particularly like the vibrant colors in fleksone’s piece and the 3D-effect in the piece by orb1taround.

Taipei Street Art: detail view of wildstyle by fleksone
Detail view of wildstyle street art by orb1taround

I didn’t see many overtly political pieces when I was there, but I did notice this one mural in support of the the anti-government and anti-Mainland protests in Hong Kong.

Mural in support of Hong Kong protesters

In Ximending, there are also a lot of smaller and more whimsical street art works such as this Batman barrel.

Batman barrel in Ximending
Taipei street art: hooded figure
Sushi time! A cute little girl holding a big cleaver.

The street art area of Ximending is a popular photo-taking spot.

Photographers taking pictures of a model at Taipei Cinema Park, Ximending

There is a lot more street art around this area of Taipei; you can check out more of those images in the YouTube video and photo galleries I linked to at the top of the page.

Taipei street art by DiSK

4. Treasure Hill Artist Village: Street Art

Treasure Hill Artist Village is a collection of studios, artist residences, galleries and shops located in a former army village on a hillside. In 2011, artist Hsu Che-yu created a series of black and white works, entitled Hidden Stories, based on news articles about the neighborhood’s history and development.

Taipei Street Art: part of a series by Hsu Che-yu entitled ‘Hidden Stories
Hidden Stories
Hsu Che-yu’s Hidden Stories

The Treasure Hill artist village is also home to this mural by Candy Bird. My interpretation of the artwork is that it represents the dehumanizing pressures and drudgery of modern life (with the child-like figure on the far right trying to climb out of that mess).

Taipei street art: Mural by Candy Bird at Taipei Artist Village
Detail view of a mural by Candy Bird

The relatively low-key street art within Treasure Hill itself does a good job of integrating with the architecture of the area. At the base of the hill is an area for practicing tennis, and those courts are filled with more vibrant pieces.

Tennis practice area at Treasure Hill
Facing of against a robot by fleksone at the tennis practice courts near Treasure Hill Artists Village

A detail view of a retro-futuristic cityscape by fleksone

5. Skatepark near the Huashan 1914 Creative Park

If you are in Taipei, the Huashan 1914 Creative Park is worth a visit. It is a former winery that now houses boutiques, galleries and cafés. Beside the site, is a skatepark filled with graffiti and street art.

Skatepark near Huashan 1914 Creative Park
Skatepark near Huashan 1914 Creative Park

The wall at the front of the skatepark is interesting. It is covered with electronic components.

Detail view of the skatepark wall

6. Street Art around Taipei

On the side of the Taipei Artist Village building is this large mural by Candy Bird (who is also featured in the Treasure Hill section.

Mural by Candy Bird
Detail view of the mural; the exhaust vent has been turned into a periscope

While walking around, I would sometimes come across murals on random streets.

Taipei Street ArtL Lane 97, Tongan St.

When I went to view the winter cherry blossoms around Pingjing street (I was a few days too late, but some trees were still in bloom), I came across this vibrant mural on the side of an elementary school.

Mural on the wall of an elementary school on Pingjing Street

Interestingly, when I returned home and was checking the location on Google Maps, the street view showed two artist doing the preliminary sketch on the wall.

Artist at work (Google Maps)

Go Further

This section includes discussion questions, an art challenge and links to online photo galleries.

More Photos

You can view the entire series of photos (134 images) at a higher resolution (2048 x 1365) at Flickr or Google Photos or view the YouTube video.

Three Questions

  1. Which artwork featured on this page do you like the best?
  2. How can street art benefit a community?
  3. Many of the murals were based on commercial properties from Western culture (e.g., Joker, Suicide Squad, Batman, Star Wars). What are the benefits and drawbacks of basing artworks on big pop-culture properties.

Art Challenge

Sketch a wall near your home, school or office. Design an artwork that would go on the wall and add it to your sketch.

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