Special Series

These are ongoing series devoted to specific topics. All of the series shown below are still in progress.

Portraits Series

More portraits coming soon!

Aluminium, Oils &, Needles: Lifelike Portraits by Han Young-Wook
Aluminium, Oils & Needles: Portraits by Han Young-Wook
Asian Beauty: Portraits by Yu Kawashima, Nugroho Wijayatmo, Zhang Xiangming & others
Asian Beauty: Yu Kawashima, Zhang Xiangming & others
Hopare, Lita Cabellut, Gian Piero Gasparini & others
Art by Mayumi Konno & Yoichi Nebashi

Color Series

The first article features blue artworks. The next post will be devoted to the color red.

Color Series 1: Blue Art (10 works by 8 artists)

Contemporary Ink Painting

The first article focuses on landscapes. Future articles will feature calligraphy abstract art, still life paintings and artwork that is inspired by ink painting.

Landscapes (Part 1)

The Art of Hong Kong’s 2014 Umbrella Movement

The first article features paintings and sketches. The next articles will be about installations and sculpture, banners, posters and text-based work.

Umbrella Movement: Paintings and Sketches

Street Art City Galleries

Taipei Street Art
Street Art in Ottawa, Ontario
Street Art in Shoreditch London
Street Art in Shoreditch, London
Street Art in Hongdae, Seoul
Street Art in Hongdae, Seoul
Street Art in Vancouver, Canada
HKWALLS 2018: Part 1 (Hong Kong)
HKWALLS 2018: Part 2 (Hong Kong)


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